The Trophy of Augustus was erected in 7-6 BC to celebrate the definitive victory of Caesar's adopted son, Emperor Augustus, in subduing the Alpine populations.

The only monument of its kind preserved in as excellent condition as the trophy in Adamclisi, Romania, it symbolises both the power of Augustus and that wielded by the Roman Empire in a period when power passed from the hands of the Senate to the hands of just one man. The site, set along the Via Julia Augusta and near the border with Italy, was strategically chosen. It was designed to honour Augustus as a god.

Modified several times over the centuries, its current appearance is the result of restorations carried out by the Formigés, father and son architects, in the first half of the 20th century. The imposing monument dominates the skyline over the Bay of Monaco and affords a breathtaking view from Italy to the Esterel Massif. But this monument was originally built not to look out from, but rather to be looked at.

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